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Our core values are:

  • Legal work of the highest quality 
  • Cost-effective legal services
  • Dedication to client success and well-being
  • Commitment to integrity, honesty and excellence



Our Core Values

New York Office Conveniently Located At

1120 Avenue of the Americas

Fourth Floor

New York, New York


(212) 626-6785 (O)

(212) 626-6788 (F)

You may email Managing Partner Greg Reid at or call for appointment.

Our History and Mission

Reid Rodriguez & Rouse, LLP (RR&R) is a law firm whose mission is to provide excellent service to those interested in seizing the opportunities presented by changing consumer markets, shifting work force demographics, and international competition in today's global economy.
The business philosophy of the firm is to provide high quality, responsive, and cost-effective service through careful management of client relationships, focus on client needs, and investment in people and technology. Clients' needs always come first at RR&R. Legal work of the highest quality, dedication to client service, and a reputation for integrity and excellence are our core values. We seek to instill these values in all our attorneys and staff, recognizing that capable and committed individuals are indispensable to the firm's continued success. Consequently, we devote substantial time and effort in carefully selecting and extensively training our attorneys and staff. The firm is committed to delivering work product to clients in the most timely and cost-effective manner. The firm’s state of the art computer technology provides access to legal research through computer data bases and the Internet. We help clients to contain legal costs by: 
* Using non-lawyer professionals, when
appropriate 
​ * Using litigation support personnel and
​ computer programs to increase efficiency in
handling and organizing litigation documents
* Encouraging clients to employ various forms of
alternative dispute resolution, when
appropriate, to resolve disputes and avoid
costly litigation.  
Our business strategy is to respond to marketplace demands with an exceptional work product delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner that will enhance our reputation and encourage our clients to use us again. 
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